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6 Surprising Facts About Moving You Probably Didn’t Know

For some people moving a house is an exciting task whereas for some people it’s the last thing they can ever desire.  And for some of them, moving seems fun initially, but as time passes by, things start to seem way too tedious and stressful. Despite that, we somehow manage to get through this process. Some of us hire moving companies in San Diego or any moving company nearby, and some opt for DIY.

That being said, there are several hidden aspects of moving that can leave you amazed. So without further ado, let’s have a look at those 6 surprising facts about moving.

1. People Love To Relocate

Yes, you’ve heard it right. Moving a house has become a trend as many people are starting to move at least once a year. Some of the factors that contribute towards frequent moving are enjoying more amenities, tenants who just bought a new house, increasing rise in the real estate industry, etc.

2. Working professionals Move More Often

In the USA, over 40% of moves that take place are related to work, job, or business. Working professionals move from city to city to find jobs, establish a business, etc. They usually choose a rented house or apartment near their place of work.

3. Friday Is the Most Popular Moving Day

Yes, not only people wait for weekends to relax, they wait for it to get started with their moving journey as well. It is also notable that many companies providing moving services in Diego or anywhere in America are often scheduled for Fridays. If at any point in your life you will look for moving companies, chances are high that many professional movers will be occupied on weekends, especially Fridays.

4. American Moves Over 10 Times in A Lifetime

It would be surprising for you to know if you’re someone who believes moving is an overwhelming task. The research found out that an average American moves 11 times in their whole life. However, this also includes moving into a college dorm, rented apartment, a new house, etc. It has been found out in various researches that Americans move more often compared to other countries, especially the young people out there. A few of the reasons that contribute to it are better housing options, climate change, more amenities, job switches, and much more.

5. Local Movers’ Services Costs Less Than DIY

You might have been thinking that doing everything on your own may turn out to be more cost-effective, but that’s not the case with everyone. Even the people who are familiar with the moving process quite a bit end up spending more. It’s usually because they lack contacts with reliable vendors in the industry, and sometimes fail to estimate the logistics accurately. Not to mention, you’ll have to buy certain tools and equipment that are usually involved in the moving. Some of these tools include forearm forklift, truck loading ramps, floor sliders, dolly carts, four-wheel hand carts, and so much more.

On the other hand, the services of the majority of the movers in San Diego cost you less as they come readily available with their own transports, packaging material, and other tools and equipment.

6. Moving Is All About Relocating Tons of Goods

Out of everything involved in moving, lifting the heavy furniture and appliances of a house or an office is something most of us find a grueling job. Whether you’re relocating in a whole new city, or just moving across a street, lifting and placing things in the truck is a very challenging task. Therefore, it’s very important to have the professionals of the best moving companies in San Diego by your side. Hiring them will also help you to eliminate the injuries that could take place.

Speaking of the moving companies, if you have been casting about for reliable and affordable movers to hire in San Diego, you’re at the right place.

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