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6 Things You Need to Consider Before Hiring a Moving Company

Imagine you have reached out to a moving company, scheduled the moving day, and when finally the moving day arrives, all your possessions are locked up in the moving truck and movers are asking you to pay the hidden cost and extortionate prices you were not aware of.  This was just one case scenario; a lot of them can happen when you’re not under the auspices of an authentic, reliable, and credible moving company.

Considering that, you need to be very careful when it comes to hiring moving companies in San Diego, or wherever you reside. There are certain things you should bring into consideration when you’re casting about for moving companies as you don’t want to end up getting your time and money wasted.

Handing over all your possessions to a team of strange people is undoubtedly concerning; therefore you should rely on nothing but the professional moving companies. And for that, you need to contemplate over a few things, let’s have a look at some of them.

A Through Research

First thing first, you need to research about some companies and find out who all are offering quality services.  Some parts of this research include checking out the online presence of the company, reading reviews, inquiring their prices, and checking out the type of services they provide. For instance, if you require the services such as storage, rigging, crating in packaging, etc, then make sure that your prospective moving company offers full-service moving.

Make Sure The Company Is Reliable

Before paying any money to the company, it’s very important to ensure whether or not it is reliable. The company must own a moving license. In order to check if the company is reliable, you can look for the information of your prospective moving company’s motor license on the Federal motor carrier safety administration Safersys website.

Get Insurance

Moving companies provide insurance services so that the cost of your belongings can be covered in case anything gets lost or damaged. If you have renters or homeowners insurance, you won’t have to worry about it.  If not, moving companies provide multiple insurance plans. So make sure you inquire about these plans and pick up insurance plans that suit your requirements.

Keep A Close Eye on The Contract

You need to keep a close eye on the contract of the moving services. Your moving company will issue the bill of lading, which is a legal contract between a moving company and customers. You need to make sure you have read the article carefully before signing it. After that, make sure you have your copy of the agreement as well so that in case something goes wrong, you will have it handy.

Apart from all that, you need to make sure that the contracts you’re entering have mentioned the charges of movers. The liability of movers for your possessions, scheduled date of the pick and delivery of your possessions along the claim’s protection has to be mentioned there in the contract clearly.

Get On-Site Estimates

Estimating the moving cost for relocating all your possessions in the house itself is very important in order to determine the accurate cost. If a mover is estimating everything over the call, it’s not recommended to get their services as it can create great confusion. Get the movers to your home; let them know exactly what needs to be moved and whatnot.

Check Out The Inventory

Once the moving is done, check out the inventory to make sure everything has been relocated safely. Movers are responsible in case anything gets damaged or lost during the moving process. Now we know that you will not be able to look through all of the boxes that arrived at your, may be due to lack of time. But you should at least check out the condition of your belongings to make sure their conditions are the same as before and each and every box is present in your home as per the inventory sheet.

Bottom Line

So these were a few things you must take into consideration before hiring a moving company.  With that being said, this was pretty much all you needed to know about choosing the right movers. In case you’re someone who’s been searching for the best moving companies in San Diego, feel free to get in touch with us. We at “Best Bet Movers” are your one-stop shop for all your moving requirements. Renowned for our smooth and speedy moving services, we stick to the thumb rule of providing our customers with nothing but the best. Our company comes with a team of professional movers possessing impeccable skills and extensive experience of moving, which ensure a plain-sailing moving journey. So, get in touch with us right now and let us help you move your house, office, etc.

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