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Moving to San Diego

Moving to San Diego? Commercial movers in San Diego are plenty. Although, only a few take care of their customers as we do. We talked a lot about our services and what we can do to help you move. There is one more thing we’d like to do for you. Help you set a plan. There is more to moving than packing boxing, loading them in truck and unloading at the new location.

This year, more then any other before, had a great impact on our lives. Financial instability, work from home, quarantining, health problems, anxiety…they took their toll on us. This put many of us in the situation of moving someplace else. Some for the better, a lot for the worse.

When you find yourself in the urgent situation of moving, we recommend you to take a step back and read…let’s call it our guide. This will make your transition easier and help you save some money. Also we hope that it will save you a lot of stress. Let’s get into it.

1. See it before moving into it

Most of the time, this kind of news come as a short notice. If you need to move out, you probably didn’t plan it. It just happened. We, as commercial movers help a lot of people that were moving to San Diego. Don’t jump head-first into any decision. Think of what you can do, but sleep on the decisions.

When you think you made your choice, make a short trip. This is what we advise anyone. A dress bought online might look amazing, come in your size, but there’s no guarantee it will fit you. The same goes with your new city or neighbourhood. Google some nice places around, then go for a walk.

Wherever you are talk to the people that live there. Eat at a bistro nearby and ask the waiters how are the people that live and work around. Trust me, he sees meets enough of them. Speak to the salesman at the newspaper stand. Don’t limit yourself to the tourism attractions. You won’t be a tourist in a short time.

Getting the pulse of the city might help you make the best decision for your future. That’s a thing you can’t Google.

2. Choose where you are moving, not just “to San Diego”

When choosing to move, just picking the city isn’t enough. You also have to move to an actual house or apartment. Housing prices differ a lot from one area to another. This may be due to distance from downtown, the age of the building, number of parks around, how good the public schools are in the neighborhood and many other factors. Let’s say quality of life altogether.

It’s hard to find the right balance between the costs and your needs. Although, we understand the urgent matter of things. That’s why we recommend renting for a six-month period at first, with possibility of extension. After you’re set in your new home, new job, you become part of the community.

Meeting new people can really open some doors. A word here, a connection there and you find a new apartment with a lower rent and a better view. But a year or two-years contract can mean losing your deposit for the first apartment.

We just covered all possibilities. We believe that with these advices you can really find a place and make it work.

It’s a little bit harder when it comes to the families with kids. As we said, your kid needs a good school nearby. We try and help you make a long-lasting decision, because kids, especially little ones, need a little stability. Most of them are not so good with change.

Take measures of the future place so that you know what you can fit in it, plan the moving with the agent and you’re done!

3. Start packing!





San Diego Moving




As of now you can start searching for a moving company. That’s when we come in handy. Call us for any advice about packing items so they can get there safe. You can also order any supplies you might need. Boxes in all sizes, foam poaches, bubble wrap, packing tape that you can hang an elephant with? You can order everything you need from us.
We recommend you to start packing in advance. This way you can sort your things better. Start with least important items. Those things left somewhere in the wardrobe or the storage room for months or even years.

Not all things have to make it to the new location. Starting packing in advance gives you the opportunity to donate some of you clothes, electronics and other things, or to recycle them.

Start with your most untouched cabinets. Oh, and another important thing. Empty your storage unit. You wouldn’t want to see your stuff sold for thousands of dollars by someone else on “Storage Wars”.

Leave the essentials for last. Everything you need in the next few weeks before moving can be packed in the last minute. But be sincere to yourself. No, you don’t need that French press that’s sitting on you kitchen shelf for months.

Finding old stuff makes us think “How did I ever live without this?”. The truth is – without a problem. So don’t just bring more stuff to forget on the shelves until you leave. Stick to the essentials.





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4. All that’s left is…moving to your new place in San Diego or another city

From now on, all you have to do is schedule your moving. Call us or write on our website, bestfitmovers.com. We will discuss the needed services, route and give you a full cost estimation and estimated time of arrival.

From now on you just have to make the travel arrangements. Order for your car to be shipped if you don’t want to drive there. Speak to the landlord and order a cleaning firm to take care of the place so you can arrange your belongings as soon as you arrive. Move your billing address, cancel that gym membership and you’re good to go.

From now on all you have to worry about is making new friends and turning the new house into a new home for you and your family.

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